Bakery Excellence By Mark Bennett

Baking Courses in Poole, Dorset by Mark Bennett

Baking Courses

Marks courses are done in his Lilliput Bakery in Poole Dorset; you can join a day course for £100 which will include lunch and refreshments, the day starts at 9am and finishes at 4.30pm, if you need accommodation we can recommend local hotels or Bed and Breakfasts.

To Book

To book please email or phone Mark.

General BakerySour Dough/Croissants/Scones/Pizza/Flaky Pastry

French BakerySour Dough/Campagne Bread/Baguette/Fougasse/Brioche/Croissants

Italian BakerSour Dough/Ciabatta/Focaccia/Pizza

English BakeryWhite Bread/ Fruit bread/Scones/Steak and Ale Pie/Sausage Roll

PatisserieA selection of European Patisserie

Christmas CourseMake your own Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding

2016 Bakery Courses

January - General BakeryFully booked February - General BakeryFully booked March - General Bakery 6th and 20th March - Patisserie 12th April - French Bakery 3rd and 17th April - Patisserie 9th May - Italian Bakery 1st 15th and 29th May - Patisserie 21st June - English Bakery 12th and 26th June - Patisserie 18th July - General Bakery 10th and 24th July - Patisserie 16th August - French Bakery 7th and 21st August - Patisserie 13th September - Italian Bakery 4th and 18th September - Patisserie 10th November - Patisserie 9th November - English Bakery 13th and 27th December - Christmas Course 4th and 11th December - Patisserie 10th

2017 Bakery Courses

January - General Bakery February - General Bakery March - General Bakery

To book please email or phone Mark.

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