Bakery Excellence By Mark Bennett



I just wanted to thank you and your wife for a great day of baking. It was great fun, and very informative. I found your philosophy, and the care that you take with the products that you bake every day very impressive. You also went beyond my expectations with lunch, and your endless supply of coffee was very welcome.

When I got home my family was amazed by the amount and quality of baked goods that I came away with, especially the height of my bread which has previously been more of the “flatbread” variety.

I would recommend your course for a complete beginner, or for someone like me who already bakes, but is more keen than talented.

A great day, and I will be practising the new techniques that you have taught me.


Mr. Mark and Emma

Paul and I have landed back in Beavercreek Oregon. We're on a total high from our three week Christmas Trip which truly began and ended in your bakery! Sweet for sure.
I have shared with many how much fun we had meeting you and Emma. Your class was amazing; I want to be you in the kitchen!
So I just ate my last scone (which we tucked into our suitcases). We're ready to begin a baguette or two Oregon style.
Looking forward to recipes and directions from your class. As soon as we hear from you, I'm off shopping for a scale, linen cloth, a giant baking oven and croissant smasher (in my dreams). OK I'll be looking for butter and flour Mark style.

Thanks so much for your expertise and amazing hospitality

Susie and Paul Behrman

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to thank you and your wife for giving the family so much fun at the baking class. They had a really wonderful day and learnt a lot at the same time. I had not expected so many treats to be brought home either! We've been sharing baked goods around friends and family and spreading the word about what a good time they had.
Hope you did manage to get some rest over Christmas and that you and your family have a very happy new year.

Kind regards,



What an amazing day! The four of us are still giggling over all the fun we had and the massive goodie bags of yummy breads, croissants, pizza and scones. Holy cow my freezer is full and my neighbours are thrilled.

You and Emma are so gracious and generous.
I look forward to trying those MB recipes in the near future. ❤

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